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Black Wall Hanging of Jaipur Blue Pottery with Floral design

Jaipur Blue Pottery is renowned for its elegant glaze and hand painted motifs. This black wall hanging of Jaipur Blue Pottery is hand painted. This product is encased in pure wood.


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Material : Quartz

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Measurements : 4" x 4"

Care : Wipe clean with a dry cotton cloth.


Jaipur Blue PotteryOf Persian and Mongol heritage, Blue Pottery is a love child of cross-cultural exchange and trade. Travelling across Central Asia, the craft found a home in Jaipur, Rajasthan in the mid-nineteenth century.

Legend has it that Maharaja Sawai Ram II watched his kite-master lose the royal kite to two brothers who had coated their strings with glass-like dust from their pottery practice. He invited them to settle in Jaipur to practice and teach their craft.

Jaipur Blue Pottery

The pottery style uses a quartz-based dough, and is fired at low temperatures. The wares are then hand-painted with floral patterns of Persian origin with mineral pigments. They are then glazed and fired revealing intense shades of blue, greens, yellows and browns of the painted pigments.