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January 30, 2017

Exquisite Block Printing from the hinterlands of Madhya Pradesh

Master artisan Mohammed Yunus Khatri from Bagh in one of his master creations.

The only thing synonymous with Bagh other than some of its historical sites are its master printers, even Wikipedia lists only two people as notable people from Bagh - Mohammed Yusuf Khatri and his son Bilal, we were lucky enough to meet both.


September 28, 2016

Learn the Different Styles of Hand Block Printing from a National Award Winning Artist

Master artisan Lalchand Derawala talks about his introduction to hand block printing and his journey of becoming a National Award winning artist.

On an India Kala buying trip in Rajasthan, we visited Bagru, a small town about 35 km west of Jaipur, renowned for its distinctive hand-block printing and natural dyeing techniques that date back half a millennia.

We were there to meet Lalchand ‘Chippa’ Derawala, an artisan-entrepreneur with a National Award for block-printing.


September 07, 2016

Artisan Story - Rajesh Jangid - Metal Inlay on Wood

Rajesh Jangid's awe-inspiring #Tarkashi (Metal Inlay on #Sheesham wood) works have been celebrated in the US, Austria, Vietnam and Vienna and has bagged four district, state and national-level awards


July 31, 2016

From Kathputlis to Meenakari to Warli Art – The Story of Indian Handicrafts

Originally pubished at The Better India on 09/06/2016

Trace the rich and fascinating history of Indian handicrafts as it makes its way across states and borders.

If the Indian map was depicted by its craft clusters, it would be a vibrant diamond, housing pockets of handicrafts along its length and breadth. The map would feature deep zaffre Jaipur pottery in Rajasthan, burnished Bastar metal art in Chhattisgarh and russet wooden toys in Sawantwadi, Maharashtra. Tinkling Kutch metal bells would form the rivers of Gujarat and ivory marble would sit atop the mountains in Uttar Pradesh.

As you traverse the craft-dotted landscape that enriches the country, you’ll witness a grand spectacle of vivid colours and magnificent designs. Rajasthan, for instance, has nurtured and celebrated centuries-old crafts within its folds; Kathputli is one such craft.


June 12, 2016

From Ajrakh to Leheriya – Learn About the Fascinating History Behind Indian Textiles

Originally pubished at The Better India on 25/05/2016

Textiles have been a part of India’s legacy since the Indus Valley Civilisation. The first ever traces of Indian hand crafted textiles appeared in the form of cotton saris draped around Sumerian statuettes, dating back to 3000 BC.

Pic Source: rugrabbit.com