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Brass Door Handle in Dokra Art from Bastar with exquisite elephant design

Dokra is a form of metal casting using the lost-wax technique. This dokra brass door handle with a elephant design is handmade by a master artisan. This item is sold in pairs of 2.


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Material : Brass

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Measurements : 1.4" x 9.3" x 3"

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Bastar Metal ArtIn every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks - the origins of the lost-wax technique that make Dokra such a unique art form is a testament to the same. It is believed an adivasi from the Bastar region discovered the art of metal casting and moulding from the 'sataru' insect, when he found the insect's 'dengurbhil' (a waxy hive created by hollowing out rocks) filled with molten metal.

Today, the lost-wax technique is still practiced by the Ghadwa (meaning pot-makers) and Kaser (after Kansa or Bronze) tribes.

Bastar Metal Art


The lost-wax technique follows two processes: solid and hollow casting, the former does not use a clay core and instead uses a solid piece of wax to create the mould, whereas, hollow casting uses a clay core and is the traditional method practiced. The handcrafted dokra metal art pieces have no joints and comes in one piece.