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Brown Coloured Kutch Tie & Dye Dupatta in Tassar Silk with Clamp Dye Technique

Kutch Tie & Dye is renowned for its very fine dots and intricate patterning. This gorgeous brown coloured clamp dye dupatta in fine Gajji silk is handmade by Khatri master dyers in Kutch, Gujarat.


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Material : Tassar Silk

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Measurements : 86" x 43"

Care : Dry clean only.



Kutch Tie and DyeBandhni means to tie. Bandhni textiles from Kutch are renowned for their fine, intricate dot work and vivid hues. Men of the Khatri community dye the Bandhni textiles that are intricately tied with tiny dots in patterns by women of the community.

Kutch Tie and Dye


On a field trip to Kutch, a dyer shared with us the secret of how the Bandhni textiles he creates are so intricately crafted with the tiniest, most uniform dots. He said, “Women, you see, are competitive by nature. When they tie Bandhni, they want to their work to be better than their sisters’, better than their neighbors. That is the real story of how our Bandhnis got so fine. We encourage the competition and sometimes, announce rewards for fine craftsmanship”.