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Gray coloured Kutch Handwoven stole in cotton

The Vankars or Weavers of Bhujodi are known for their fine weaving. This elegant gray coloured kutch weaving stole in cotton has been handwoven by a master weaver.


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Material : Cotton

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Measurements : 78" x 23"

Care : Home wash in lukewarm water. Dry in a shade.


Kutch Hand WeavingVankar weavers in Bhujoudi, a little village on the outskirts of Bhuj, Gujarat have been weaving for several centuries. They are masters at the technique of patterning cloth on the loom, in a technique called extra-weft.

Traditionally, they crafted shawls for the pastoral nomads, who would give them wool from the sheep they reared. Over the decades, they have introduced cottons and silks into their weaves, creating finer fabrics that can be worn as stoles, dupattas and saris.

Kutch Hand Weaving

Several weavers in Bhujoudi have studied design and marketing at one of the finest design schools for artisans in Kutch. Equipped with an understanding of global tastes, they now apply their indigenous design vocabulary and motifs to a wider range of products including stoles, dupattas, saris and home furnishing.