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Tarpa Dance Warli Painting by Bhiku Zop

Warli paintings are considered auspicious by the Warli tribes and are an integral part of their rituals. This authentic Warli painting has been made by a real Warli painter.The painting will be delivered without the frame.


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Material : Cloth Canvas

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Measurements : 8" x 11"

Care : Keep away from direct sunlight and damp areas. Display in a glass frame.


Warli Tribal PaintingsFar away from the bustle and chaos of Mumbai, in the mountainous and forest regions of Thane district dwell the Warlis, an indigenous tribe of the region. Traditionally, women of the Warli tribe paint the walls of their homes with auspicious markings on festive occasions.

With a striking vocabulary of basic shapes depicting everyday life in the forests, the paintings allow us glimpses of how the indigenous Warli tribes live in harmony with nature.

Warli Tribal Paintings

In the 70s, when spotlight fell on the art, men of the tribe began using cloth and paper as medium and showcased at exhibitions, allowing urban audiences to appreciate the graphic minimalism of the artform.

It is our effort to bring you original paintings from Warli artists, a glimpse into their world – simple, striking and syncretic expressions celebrating a way of life that reveres rather than despoil nature.