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Vintage Car - Handcrafted Wooden Toys

These handcrafted wooden toys are non-toxic and are fun to play with for kids and adults!


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Material : Wood

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Measurements : 9.8" x 4" x 3"

Care : Wipe clean with a dry cotton cloth.



Sawantwadi Wooden ArtThe wood craft of Sawantwadi came into existence in the mid-17th Century. Once the choice of royalty for their gifts to visting Kings & Queens and dignitaries, the craft fell into a decline. It was the royal family of Sawantwadi - the Bhosales, who revived and began restoring the craft to its former glory.

Enter the Chitari galli or lane which draws its name from the Chitari or Chitrakar community who are the traditional artisans for wood craft, and one can see the artisans fueling their turning machines with their imagination to turn ordinary wooden blocks into vintage cars, fire trucks, horses or fruits and vegetables.


Sawantwadi toys are made from the wood of the 'Pangara' tree, known for its lightness, the toys are made without the use of toxins or harmful chemicals.