Artisan Story - Rajesh Jangid - Metal Inlay on Wood

Rajesh Jangid's awe-inspiring #Tarkashi (Metal Inlay on #Sheesham wood) works have been celebrated in the US, Austria, Vietnam and Vienna and has bagged four district, state and national-level awards

“I do not know to do anything except this,” says Jangid, whose family of five is completely dependent on it. “Work is good, but quite irregular and that is the hard part.” During the monsoons, the business is hit the hardest. “It sometimes gets difficult to feed the family.”

Despite the hardships, Jangid has dedicated his life to the craft. “Unlike many who have given up and others who compromise on the quality and the intricacy of the work, I still make pieces that takes as long as a year or even longer to create.”

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