Climate change is no fiction only fact: Tarapur (Nandna Prints) Hand Block Printing

400 kms from the capital city of Madhya Pradesh lies a small town called Tarapur. The town is home to families of hand block print artisans who have been practicing the craft for over 200 years.

Nandna prints are unique to the village of Tarapur in Madhya Pradesh. Craft is an embodiment of the many journeys taken by its creators, adorning itself with all the good from the various places it passed by and Nandna prints are a fine example of that journey. Traditionally worn by women of the Bhil tribe, the prints are actually a collection of various flora and fauna from the various geographies the tribe moved across.

Making Tarapur home was an obvious choice for these artisans, the abundance of water in the form of the Gambhiri river was just what they needed for their craft to flourish and flourish it did.
But today, the situation is different. The once thriving hand block printing village is overcome with a sense of uncertainty. The Gambhiri river has dried up and survival of the craft is at stake.

We never thought that climate change would impact the crafts, but what we have seen during our travels is that more and more crafts are facing a water crisis be it Ajrakhpur in Bhuj or Bagru in Jaipur. Handmade products have a negligible carbon footprint and is a highly sustainable industry, it actually has the power to help show the way for a sustainable future.

The time is ripe to make responsible choices, someone somewhere always pays more than his or her fair share when you see a deal too good to be true

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