About Us

At India Kala™, our passion for handcrafted products have taken us to the homes of some of the most skilled artisans. What they create are not simply artefacts, but the harvest of years of struggle, perseverance and a pursuit for perfection.

We aim to be an extension of the artisan's atelier, bringing to you all things handmade of the finest craftsmanship and quality.

How are we different?

We partner directly (Yes - no layers or middlemen!) with artisans across the country and bring their beautiful handmade products straight from their workshop to your doorstep.


Many of our master artisans have won a prestigious award in the field of arts and crafts (one of them recently won India's fourth highest civilian honor). Their work is of the highest craftsmanship and it is our constant endeavor to work with such artisans. We also work with artisans in areas of skill development and quality improvement.


We work directly with our artisans. We know this comes with a responsibility. Our prices are inclusive of complete fairness to every artisan and our customers. We follow a win-win pricing mantra. Oh, and shipping is free!


A pre requisite to a purchase from our website is that you are happy. All our products are handmade and they are neither imperfect nor irregular, it is the very nature of handmade products and that makes them truly unique. We stand behind our artisans and our products, in the unlikely event that you are not happy with our products we have a no questions asked return policy (excluding some fragile items). Keep smiling!

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